Sunday, November 9, 2008

Halloween.... A little bit late

It was Halloween, but I guess I forgot to blog about it then. Halloween fell on a Friday this year, making it even more exciting. So Makenzy invited me to her Halloween party, it took me a while to figure out that I was going... how about the day before? So all 7 of the crazy girls rode home with Makenzy. The girls split up 3 and 4. So we arrived at her house and did a few activities. Then it became time for... PIZZA!!!! Seven 6th grade girls with two boxes of pizza... gone in seconds. Around 5:30 we started to put on our Halloween costumes, we girls need a lot of preparation time. Covering our hair in hair spray and our faces in blush and what not, we were ready soon enough. Some crazy costumes, Pippie Longstocking (me!), Little Red gone sexy (Katie), Goth Highs Prom Queen (Makenzy), Purple Witch (Caroline), Spring Spirit (I think that was it... Mira), Halloween Spirit thing (I guess that was it, Alicia), Ummmm some freaky thing from like the Adam's family (Zena). Having no control on my hair I let Makenzy cover it in hair spray to make it look like Pippie Longstocking. Bad choice. So when that failed we turned to Makenzy's mom after letting Mira and Makenzy have a take at it. She braided my hair around coat hanger and there it was done! So we set off for trick-or-treating. First stop... Mr. Hall's house! Pulling into his drive way in the back of the pick up truck, 7 of his students ran up screaming to the door. We didn't have to knock or anything he heard us. He dropped our candy in our buckets and off we went screaming at the top of our lungs! That's when I realized I had gotten gummies from Mr. Hall, Katie told me to be depressed at school on Monday because of his giving me gummies. It didn't work out so I didn't tell him. Nope, Katie took care of that!!! So we went to the fifth grade teachers house, all seven of us, taking every last piece of candy, he wasn't there so who was stopping us? After filling up our buckets we stopped back at Makenzy's to empty our candy and go for another round of trick-or-treating. This time we went to Caroline's neighborhood... she was the only girl leaving early and not spending the night. As all of us passed her house we screamed, only we screamed CAROLINE'S HERE!!!!!!! Luckily her parents didn't come outside and take her away. Afterwards we stopped for a nutritous dinner of Burger King. Now we headed home in the back of the truck. We weighed our candy then set up little stores to trade candy. Oh yes I am awesome, I had the MOST candy!!! Hey I had to share it with a brother, sister, Crazy Lady, and dad, I think it's okay. So we traded and then Caroline's parents showed up. Now it was only six of us. After a while we went to sleep, or tried. The room was quiet, but all of a sudden (you do realize we are in the basement, don't you?) I see a door open, just the light movement... Katie heard it. There was a ghost in the room and I was afraid, along with Mira. We all screamed and thought Makenzy's mom had heard us, but when Mira and I got to scared, we went upstairs to find that nobody was awake. Wow, she must be a heavy sleeper!! So we finally got to sleep... at least MOST of us. Katie was constantly whispering and telling stories and and telling us good night. So we woke up the next morning and Katie told us she heard western music in the middle of the night... no T.V's were on just a ghost. So much happened during the day, but that's not part of Halloween. So instead of our parents picking us up we stayed until we had another Halloween party to get to. This time I went from Pippie... to Strippie. None of us would have guessed that our teahcer... former candy hander outer would be part of the haunted house! After talking to his daughter we realized he didn't care how we were dressed. Thank goodness! Going in groups of five in the haunted house I went with Makenzy, Katie, Alicia, and Noe. We were screaming half way up the steps, no where near the haunted part. We had already been told about the ghost in her house and were already scared, butwent anyway. So the leader tried to grab Katie's hand so she could be at the front, but Katie refused. After she told us we wouldn't be able to go if someone didn't hold her hand... I stood up brave and grabbed her hand. Gulp! We made it through the frist floor and were already scared out of our minds, so Alicia, Makenzy and Katie went back down by themselves, leaving Noe and I alone. After making it through the entire haunted house, I got back in line when I came back down to do it again. After doing it 3 or 4 times, Crazy Lady showed up and it was time to go, but not before Crazy Lady and Kaylee got to see the haunted house. Letting Garrett go with the little kids, whenn the lights were on, making it not as scary, Kaylee and Crazy Lady went to see behind the scenes. It was time to go, so we did and made it home... without the ghost following! We came home and made it to sleep. This had to have been one of the most fun Halloween's ever!