Sunday, November 9, 2008

Halloween.... A little bit late

It was Halloween, but I guess I forgot to blog about it then. Halloween fell on a Friday this year, making it even more exciting. So Makenzy invited me to her Halloween party, it took me a while to figure out that I was going... how about the day before? So all 7 of the crazy girls rode home with Makenzy. The girls split up 3 and 4. So we arrived at her house and did a few activities. Then it became time for... PIZZA!!!! Seven 6th grade girls with two boxes of pizza... gone in seconds. Around 5:30 we started to put on our Halloween costumes, we girls need a lot of preparation time. Covering our hair in hair spray and our faces in blush and what not, we were ready soon enough. Some crazy costumes, Pippie Longstocking (me!), Little Red gone sexy (Katie), Goth Highs Prom Queen (Makenzy), Purple Witch (Caroline), Spring Spirit (I think that was it... Mira), Halloween Spirit thing (I guess that was it, Alicia), Ummmm some freaky thing from like the Adam's family (Zena). Having no control on my hair I let Makenzy cover it in hair spray to make it look like Pippie Longstocking. Bad choice. So when that failed we turned to Makenzy's mom after letting Mira and Makenzy have a take at it. She braided my hair around coat hanger and there it was done! So we set off for trick-or-treating. First stop... Mr. Hall's house! Pulling into his drive way in the back of the pick up truck, 7 of his students ran up screaming to the door. We didn't have to knock or anything he heard us. He dropped our candy in our buckets and off we went screaming at the top of our lungs! That's when I realized I had gotten gummies from Mr. Hall, Katie told me to be depressed at school on Monday because of his giving me gummies. It didn't work out so I didn't tell him. Nope, Katie took care of that!!! So we went to the fifth grade teachers house, all seven of us, taking every last piece of candy, he wasn't there so who was stopping us? After filling up our buckets we stopped back at Makenzy's to empty our candy and go for another round of trick-or-treating. This time we went to Caroline's neighborhood... she was the only girl leaving early and not spending the night. As all of us passed her house we screamed, only we screamed CAROLINE'S HERE!!!!!!! Luckily her parents didn't come outside and take her away. Afterwards we stopped for a nutritous dinner of Burger King. Now we headed home in the back of the truck. We weighed our candy then set up little stores to trade candy. Oh yes I am awesome, I had the MOST candy!!! Hey I had to share it with a brother, sister, Crazy Lady, and dad, I think it's okay. So we traded and then Caroline's parents showed up. Now it was only six of us. After a while we went to sleep, or tried. The room was quiet, but all of a sudden (you do realize we are in the basement, don't you?) I see a door open, just the light movement... Katie heard it. There was a ghost in the room and I was afraid, along with Mira. We all screamed and thought Makenzy's mom had heard us, but when Mira and I got to scared, we went upstairs to find that nobody was awake. Wow, she must be a heavy sleeper!! So we finally got to sleep... at least MOST of us. Katie was constantly whispering and telling stories and and telling us good night. So we woke up the next morning and Katie told us she heard western music in the middle of the night... no T.V's were on just a ghost. So much happened during the day, but that's not part of Halloween. So instead of our parents picking us up we stayed until we had another Halloween party to get to. This time I went from Pippie... to Strippie. None of us would have guessed that our teahcer... former candy hander outer would be part of the haunted house! After talking to his daughter we realized he didn't care how we were dressed. Thank goodness! Going in groups of five in the haunted house I went with Makenzy, Katie, Alicia, and Noe. We were screaming half way up the steps, no where near the haunted part. We had already been told about the ghost in her house and were already scared, butwent anyway. So the leader tried to grab Katie's hand so she could be at the front, but Katie refused. After she told us we wouldn't be able to go if someone didn't hold her hand... I stood up brave and grabbed her hand. Gulp! We made it through the frist floor and were already scared out of our minds, so Alicia, Makenzy and Katie went back down by themselves, leaving Noe and I alone. After making it through the entire haunted house, I got back in line when I came back down to do it again. After doing it 3 or 4 times, Crazy Lady showed up and it was time to go, but not before Crazy Lady and Kaylee got to see the haunted house. Letting Garrett go with the little kids, whenn the lights were on, making it not as scary, Kaylee and Crazy Lady went to see behind the scenes. It was time to go, so we did and made it home... without the ghost following! We came home and made it to sleep. This had to have been one of the most fun Halloween's ever!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday, once again!

It's Saturday again!!! I know you're thinking this is awesome that it's Saturday, but not in this house. Crazy Lady is sick, and so is Chase, leaving Kaylee depressed and Crazy Lady is on the couch half asleep. Garrett is at his friends house for a birthday party. So I guess that leaves me... I am not depressed or sick, just at home on the computer. It might not be one of our family's most exciting weekends (not that we really ever have exciting weekends), but it will be one to rest. Having to leave (I'm on I wish you all a happy Saturday!!!!

Joke from last blog,
He was just picking up his sister!!!!
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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Another day, another game

Garrett had his final baseball game of the season today! Yay it's finally over, no more cold games to sit through! The Astros were doing good in the beginning, but the other team came up to bat and kicked their butt! That's okay though, the Astros came back and beat them! Winning the last game of the season! Now that both of the games I have to sit through are over (Garrett's and Chase's) I have free time! Kaylee's gone on a date with Chase today. I have to say that this is her first "REAL" date. Garrett is gone to play with the normal neighborhood kids and the dogs... playing roughly running through the house. It's quiet with the exception of Frankie and Athena. Now the house is quiet, I can get some reading done!
The answer to,
What does the pink panther say when he steps on an ant...
Dead ant, dead ant, dead ant dead ant dead ant dead ant, dead ant
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Why was the little boy unhappy to win first prize for the best costume at the Halloween party?
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Friday, October 17, 2008


Yup, that's right, Garrett's team has won a baseball game! It's not only his team though. I don't really get into baseball, but this surprised me! Garrett's team was tied. He was at bat, now normally an at bat for Garrett consists of a base hit or a strike out. Not today though! Garrett hits the ball and the team wins! I think you would say he got the last RBI or something like that. It's getting late, I'm falling asleep. Let's call it a night.

Boo Boo
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What does the pink panther say when he steps on an ant tomorrow+another joke!

Evil Mutt

In the past 2 days with Athena, Crazy Lady has found out that Athena, is an early riser! She has woken up at 3 both last night and the night before. She also woke me up at 1 in the morning, must have been hungry because she didn't hesitate to chew on my ears and hair! Frankie seems as though he has found a new best friend. He will lay down on the floor next to Athena and growl at anyone who touches her, he even growls when we pet him. He has bitten Kaylee and Garrett both already! Crazy Lady says it's just that he needs some time, it's not me. I know it's not me! It's CRAZY LADY! Lokie just doesn't really give a crap if there's another dog in the house. She is still the boss. Although Frankie can walk underneath her, I don't think that would be possible for Athena! Now that the pets are sleeping again, along with Crazy Lady and Kaylee is at school it has been a quiet 2 days, but that will all change after fall break and this afternoon. When... loud, obnoxious boyfriend of Kaylee's come over. Chase. Garrett and I have found a new favorite card game. Garrett and Daddy went away this weekend to Georgia to see Daddy's mom. They came home with Garrett talking about this new game he played down there called Phase 10. It's an awesome card game with 10 different phases to create with 10 cards. Each phase has different challenges like, 2 sets of 3 cards the same number, or 7 cards of the same color. But on top off that, some of things Garrett told us he did at the Apple Festival, were for really strange people, fitting for him I guess. He milked a cow and saw one of the worlds biggest rats! How shocked Mommy was to here that her baby milked a cow! This is from the lady who likes camping, in the Holiday Inn! Now for the girls we had spent our weekend with depressed Chase. His birthday was on Tuesday and his dad wasn't going to be there. So we went to go out to eat with them, and we chose Barley's Taproom and Pizza in downtown Asheville. Crazy Lady decided this because it was a good choice for vegetarians, US, and meat eaters, them. The picky eater Chase is, we should have known better than to go to Barley's, which some people might refer to as a "Hippie Restaurant". But that is what everyone calls Mellow Mushroom I guess. So you might have guessed that Crazy Lady is an indoor girl! Now I guess I should do some work on my Who's Who in Ancient Greece and Rome project.
Still think it's better than Lou Lou

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What does that Pink Panther say when he steps on an ant?

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Yesterday's Answer,
The Garbage Truck!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

My very first blog!

Alright, I am a little crazy. What can I say though, I am the daughter of Crazy Lady! Alright, if you're looking for a professional blog with awesome stories and what not, then.... LEAVE!!! This isn't going to be one of those blogs. But I guess I can try my hardest! It will be an attempt , one that will hopefully not fail! Listening in the background to the television, Mom on the phone, Garrett watching tv, Kaylee asleep, the tapping of the keys I touch and the snoring dogs (well not really, just sleeping next to each other.) our house actually seems calm at the moment. Whether it's the dogs making the difference or the sleeping sister, I have no idea, but I could get used to this! The return of the new pet is back, the new great dane has brought chaos back into the house, right when it got calm! Athena and Frankie seem to be in love. I guess I should say Frankie is in love with Athena. Athena ain't to crazy 'bout Frankie ;P The new puppy hasn't learned yet that well she doesn't get the advantages of 10 pound Frankie being that, well, she's going to be 150 lbs. Athena knows she little now, but I can't wait to see how small she thinks she is when she is full grown. I wouldn't be surprised if she acted like she was Frankie's size. The sleeping pups are so adorable, curled up side by side. Heads touching, the rest of their bodies far apart. Soon this will end though, Athena will be 10 times the size of Frankie. Shipoos and Great Danes... EW!!!! I am imagining Frankie and Athena having puppies. Great Poos as Kaylee and Dad called them! I like that, but they would be some ugly puppies! Frankie is needing attention since the puppy is getting the most. It's getting late, Frankie is awake. It's time to go to bed now.

Sounds better than... LouLou I personally think.

What has 4 wheels and flies?

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